In 2003 without knowing what I was doing or how, I moved to China by myself. I had traveled some before, but this was taking it to a whole other level – one that forever changed my life for good. I am so blessed to have jumped in taken the ride!

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into or how to really travel. All I knew was that something in me was pushing me, driving me and would not let me go until I went.

I ended up going back to school and becoming an English Professor in China…..then Alaska…..then Japan. I teach Communication classes but am always learning as much as I teach. Recently, we moved again back to the US. Re-entry shock has been a whole new set of adventures.

The shock of coming back has had a few years to sink in now, but I am really just starting to realize all the implications of it – in many ways my own culture shock upon coming back to the US reflects a sliver of what the US is going through right now as a culture. Its a country that is in the midst of whiplash – one that is changing so rapidly that its disorienting to think about.

Bundung, Indonesia

Thankfully, along the way I met a wonderful pilot who loved the lifestyle of travel just as much or more than I did. Combined we have “wandered” over fifty countries. We continue to have fantastic journeys.

This is the bare-bones of travel – things I wish I had known, life as an expat, and the meaning we find in the journeys we take. I started this blog as a travel blog and will probably still mention it now and then, as well as updating former posts on travel that are now out of date – but much of this is going to focus on how to adapt and change with cultural change.

Its always a new adventure!


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