I always carry a pashmina in my backpack. I carry this instead of a jacket for many reasons – a pashmina is much more functional – a nice one can be dressed up or down, carried in a purse or looped through the straps without it ever affecting your look. But there are other uses too, I’ll list the ways I used mine on my trips through Thailand.

  1.  As a pashmina Рrestaurants get cold sometimes and you need one! This is the most common use.
  2. As a blanket on the low cost Nok Air or other cheap airlines that don’t give you blankets!
  3. As a pillow when I just wanted to rest for a couple minutes during car ride from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. I didn’t have to dig out my bulkier travel pillow.
  4. As a make-shift skirt as my shorts made me to0 immodest to go in one of the temples in Bangkok.
  5. On the train as buffer top-sheet – Thai trains are always too cold and cleanliness, well – I thought my pashmina was probably cleaner! (This also works in hostels!)
  6. As a makeshift towel on the ferry out to Koh Samui – I hadn’t brought a beach towel, and wasn’t wet, so this worked just as well to sit out on the deck and get some sun!
  7. As a bag – you can tie stuff up in it coming back from the night markets (including new pashminas – which I bought too many of the last trip to Thailand – you really don’t need more than one or two!)
  8. To dress up an outfit for a nice dinner. (Though you should probably launder it first however if you have been using it for some of the other uses that I have listed!)

What do you think? Have I left anything out?