Travel Map

For the curious 🙂 I’ve been asked about this a few times. For the record, the “Want to go,” is the next trip that is planned. I’m sure there are places that have been left off – I’ll add them as I remember!


4 thoughts on “Travel Map

  1. I saw a comment you left on my friend Darcy’s blog a while back that you were once apart of the “movement.” Not sure if you mean legalism, ATI, or Christian Patriarchy. But I grew up in ATI, was homeschooled and now I travel a few months of the year and have lived in Tland among other places I’ve been around and about. So look forward to reading your blog. Cool to meet someone else who left the bubble and is traveling the whole world.

    • Mainly legalism. My parents did attempt to homeschool me for a bit – I am not sure whether I count it as part of my education or not – it was a wash of lost months mostly 🙂

      It’s cool you are traveling now – as The North Face logo says – “Never Stop Exploring”

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